Heidelberg Center for Cultural Heritage

About Us

The Heidelberg Center for Cultural Heritage - HCCH is one of Heidelberg University's central research institutions, which is committed to the sustainable networking as well as the long-term development of the existing competencies at Heidelberg University in the field of tangible, intangible and digital cultural heritage.

Learning + Teaching

The HCCH master's program “Cultural Heritage and the Protection of Cultural Property” teaches skills in dealing with tangible, intangible and digital cultural heritage and the fundamentals of cultural property protection.


The HCCH conducts and participates in projects for research into cultural heritage, and its preservation, valorization and presentation, usually together with cooperation partners.


The collections of the HCCH comprise numerous artifacts from different cultures, regions and eras. They are of central importance for research and teaching and act as an interface between the university and the public.


Together with various cooperation partners, including cultural heritage conservation institutions, museums and world heritage sites, HCCH is engaged in the field of science transfer and develops and tests various forms of presentation of cultural heritage.